HSE Policy Statement and Policy Objectives

1) Policy Statement
The STARSCO Health, Safety and Environmental Policy Statement clearly and unambiguously reflect the commitment of the company to maintaining health, safety and environmental (HSE) conservation according to the ISO 14001:2004 Environmental Management System and OHSAS 18001:1999 Occupational Health and Safety Management System.

STARSCO aims to comply with accepted international practice and the requirements of all relevant health, safety and environmental legislation of the United Arab Emirates including Abu Dhabi Municipality and Clients HSE Regulations. In addition, STARCO will promote constructive measures for the protection of health, safety and the environment for all who may be affected by its activities.

2) Policy Objectives
Furthermore, it is STARSCO policy to:

  • Encourage the active participation of all employees in the control of health, safety and environmental conservation. This will be done through the provision of planning, leadership, effective communications and training.
  • Ensure that potential health, safety and environmental risks associated with all our activities are identified and assessed as early as practicable to minimize the risk.
  • Regularly review performance and to continuously improve effective health, safety and environmental management systems and standards to reflect best industry practice. The ultimate aim is to reduce the occurrence of accidents as far as is reasonably practicable.
  • Comply with the requirements of appropriate regulations and international codes of practice.
  • Take appropriate actions to safeguard people, the environment, and assets.
  • Solicit and ensure the active participation of suppliers and sub-contractors as necessary to promote the policy.

By formally issuing this HSE policy, STARSCO Management wants to achieve:

  • Through understanding by all staff of the importance that the company gives to Safety, Health & Environmental (HSE).
  • The prevention of accidents through good HSE Management at all levels in the Company (STARSCO).
  • Compatible standards and commitment from all subcontractors working for the Company (STARSCO).
  • Philosophy:
    STARSCO Management is convinced that:
  • Accidents are preventable.
  • HSE is a line responsibility.
  • A responsible company cares for its employers.
  • HSE is of equal importance to other business objectives (HSE is a Value).
  • A safe operation is an efficient and a more profitable operation.

Furthermore, it is the company's policy to:

  1. Avoid causing harm to the occupational health of, or injury to employees and others, damage to property from operations including those from sub-contractors.
  2. Promote safety consciousness to company employees and sub-contractors, the importance of the environment and commitment of company employees and contractor staff in developing and applying this policy. The company employees, sub-contractors and relevant authorities will be kept well informed on what the company is doing to improve the quality and safety of the working environment.
  3. Pay appropriate regard to the environment by keeping air, water, soil, plant, and animal life from adverse effects of company operations those of sub-contractors, acting on company behalf, and minimize any damage which may arise from such operations.
  4. Take the initiative necessary to promote work and improve codes of practice, apply regulations which relate to the above matters.
  5. Encourage, support or conduct studies directed towards the improvement of safety and health at work towards the abatement of pollution.
  6. Facilitate the transfer to others of the developed, know how in the mentioned fields, future requirement and expected developments in these areas of the companies long term planning.
  7. Liaise and co-operate with organizations that conduct similar operations in order to improve and maintain health, safety and environment protection.
  8. Implement the (Zero Accident) Philosophy in all of our projects & activities.
  9. Safety is responsibility of everyone.
  10. Implement the HSE –Management System in all company projects.
  11. The company safety slogan is (Safety Is Life) to cover all of our employee's behavior & attitude.
  12. Commitment to continual improvement.
  13. Commitment and Comply with United Arab Emirates (UAE) Safety, Health & Environmental Legislation, in additional with clients standard and regulations.

    Policy Execution:

    To achieve the objective of preventing all accidents, the company will ensure that:

  14. Applicable United Arab Emirates (UAE) legal requirements are always met.
  15. Materials and equipment used are of a high standard and quality and are maintained properly.
  16. Adequate instructions and information are provided to perform work efficiently and safety.
  17. Staff receives the required professional and safety training.
  18. Work is sufficiently supervised by knowledgeable supervisors.
  19. Personal protection equipment is issued out to the personnel who require it and must wear at the job site.
  20. Adequate emergency equipment and emergency plans are available to cope with any incident.
  21. Incidents are reported promptly and investigated in depth. (The lessons learned from the incidents will be discussed widely in the company)
  22. Information as regards HSE is widely distributed through the company (STARSCO)





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