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Message From The CEO

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Dhia Al-Shakarchi
Chief Executive Officer
B.Eng. (Tech.) Civil, UWIST, U.K.
M.Sc. Structural Engineering, Trinity College- Dublin.

Message From The CEO

In little over one and half decade, STARSCO has grown from infancy to professional maturity, one now a well-known company in Abu Dhabi. However, we have no intention of standing still. We view our past success as merely the staging post for our future with more ambitious objectives. We start on that path from a strong foundation and our future will be even better.

A good part of our success comes I believe from our commitment to professionalism. To us, quality is not just a matter of compliance; instead, it is at the core of what we as a company representative and strive to achieve. We may be a private company but we see part of our role lying in working towards the wellbeing of all of the UAE’s residents. Quality of work and quality of life – both are critical.

We see competition as healthy because it keeps us continuously striving to develop ourselves and others and helps us in maintaining our reputation for reliability which we are so proud of.

Our approach is to nurture long-term relations at all levels of the business with our clients, with government authorities, with designers and consultants, with our subcontractors and suppliers, and most importantly within our own organization. We are confident that this approach successful so far will lead us to even greater success, development, and expansion.

We could not have achieved what we have without teamwork from the highest to the lowest in our organization. I welcome this opportunity to recognize and thank them for their dedication and hard work.