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Our Capabilities

Estimation and Costing

Estimation & Costing division is the backbone for STARSCO’s steady and progressive growth over the last 17 years and has been winning many prestigious jobs amidst stiff competition based on its strategic bidding and calculated risk venture skills.

The division comprises Strategic Costing Engineers & experienced Quantity surveyors, headed by Estimations & Proposals Manager.


Project Planning

STARSCO has set an example for the timely completion of many prestigious & crucial projects through their Strategic Planning Skills.

It plays a vital role at various stages of a project right from the incipient stage of bidding to the successful completion of the project.

Planning Division is fully equipped with Planning Software such as Enterprise 5.0 (P3e/c), Primavera 3.1 running in SQL-2000 DB server for scheduling and analyzing project parameters such as:

-> Client imposed constraints.

-> Project milestones.

-> Resource availability Vs deployment schedules.

-> Peak / average / total manpower analysis.  Budgeted Vs Actual resource deployment status.

-> Free & total float analysis.

-> PERT analysis for crucial projects.

-> Central resource pool requirements for multiple projects.

-> Critical resource analysis based on resource-specific calendars.

-> Evaluating idle periods in the deployment schedule.

-> Cash-call forecasts.

-> Project’s Risk analysis.


Project Cost Control

-> To prepare Project Budget (Pre-start / revised).

-> To Monitor the Project performance regularly and advise early warning/caution on Project.

-> To check unit cost Actual Vs Budget.

-> To recommend steps to reduce actual cost.

-> To give feedback on Project performance to the Tendering Department for updating their data bank.


Pre-Start Budget for the Project

-> All Material requests from the Site shall be checked against the Budgeted Quantities and forward to the Procurement for further action.

-> Cost of Subcontract Items shall be verified with the budgeted amount before finalizing the confirmation Orders to the Sub-Contractors.

-> Actual Expense of the Project is compared with the budgeted amount for the work done at specified cut-off dates.

-> Analysis for various cost heads for which the actual cost exceeds the budgeted and thereby advising the Management for further action to cut down the cost.

-> Estimate the Cost of balance work to be executed on monthly basis and thereby assess the overall profitability of the Project. This Estimation shall be done for the balance quantity of work to be executed without changing the Productivity norms and rates considered in the Pre-start Budget / Revised Estimation.

-> Suggestions to the Management to cut down the cost at various stages of the Project.


Revised Budget

-> Whenever the difference between actual cost and Budgeted cost in high Revised Estimation shall be prepared.

-> Revised Estimation shall be prepared considering the actual facts such as Labor Productivity at the site, the actual cost of materials purchased, and other resources actually required at the Site.


Home / Capabilities


-> Materials Procurement Division plays a major role during tendering & execution stage of the project. This division is responsible for sourcing and procuring project materials at competitive prices without compromising on quality and delivery period.

-> This division provides the following services:

o To obtain budgetary price of project's direct/indirect materials during bidding stage.

o Maintaining Master Vendor List and also giving feedback about the vendors'. Performance to the project management team to jointly review & certify the classification of Vendor Category.

o Involved in the process of qualifying any new product/vendor which is meeting the specification/requirements of clients.

o Material submittal/approval upon award of contract.

o Floating inquiries to approved vendors.

o Preparing and updating Material Delivery Schedule in line with project's master program of works.

o Preparation of comparative statement of prices from various vendors and submit for the final approval by the management.

o Preparation of work/supply orders along with negotiated terms and conditions to the successful vendor.

o To periodically update materials delivery status.

o Preparation of materials budgets/periodical updation.

o Co-ordination for the preparation of shop drawings, if necessary from vendors.

o Proposing cost-effective solutions by means of identifying alternate materials complying with the specifications.


Information Technology

We have established state-of-the-art technology; Windows 2003 Server-based networks, with 100MBPS high-speed local area network and Virtual private network for remote sites. The salient features of our IT facilities are:


Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

For strengthening the business processes of our company, STARSCO has implemented Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) for fulfilling our business needs. It almost covers our whole business requirements like:

1. HR/Payroll

2. Accounts

3. Job Costing

4. Inventory/Stock Control

5. Procurement Control with Computerized Bid Analysis

6. Budgeting and Cost Control

7. Sub Contract Management

8. Fixed Asset Management

9. Business Intelligence module


Networking & Hardware Infrastructure

-> High-speed Local Area Network with 100MBPS speed for nodes in our Head office, Abu Dhabi, having 40 terminals connected through 2 high-speed LINKSYS 16 PORT 100 MBPS master Switch, which are cascaded in star connection, through patch panels.

-> Primary Domain Controller (PDC) is rack mounted HP DL360G5 5410 (2.33 GHz, 80 Watts, 1333 FSB) 12MB (2 x 6MB) Level 2 cache 2x1GB 2x146GB DP 10k SFF-SAS E200i-128M BBWC DVD R-RW Dual Processor support 1U Form Factor.

-> Power-supply for all network components is fed through APC 2200 Series UPS with intelligent RS-232 signaling with duplex monitoring / programmable-shutdown capabilities.

-> Virtual Private Network has been established through Cisco analog router 2621 series for remote site connectivity to Head office.

-> HP Design Jet 1050 C++, E/A0 plotter having +64 MB RAM and 100 MBPS NIC ready ports for high volume batch plotting features.

-> Variety of HP laser and Inkjet printers.


I.T. Support System Software

STARSCO Company is committed to using Legal Software as part of the company's IT policy and has been exercising a company-wide anti-piracy campaign among employees about U.A.E Federal Law regulations on Software Piracy.

-> Windows 2003 Server, SP-1 based network with Windows XP systems.

-> MS-Exchange-2003 Server with the domain-based email system, bearing “" as a primary Email ID.

-> Enterprise version, Total virus defense, Kaspersky Antivirus by Network Associates for Virus protection, established with online automatic update facility from a corporate FTP site using leased line facility, and automatic updates' roll-out to workstations using central repository in Management Console software.

-> SQL-2000, SP-1 Server running on Windows 2003 Server, SP-1 for database operations.


End-User Software

Tender and Estimation

-> Easy Tender

-> Plant Swift



-> Multi-user Enterprise 4.1 Primavera P3 - e/c on SQL 2000 Database, Primavera version 3.1,

-> MS-Project-2000



-> STADD 2004

-> AutoCAD - 2007

-> Micro-Station-95, Site works



-> MS-Office-2000 / XP

-> Peach Tree

-> Quick LPO

-> Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP).